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Cellophane Wrap Machine Sold to Turkey

Editor:Katherine time:2016-12-20 Email: [email protected]

Customer from Turkey ordered one unit of Cellophane Wrapping Machine from LONGER Machinery. Customer is in business of offering cigarette in boxes. LONGER® Cellophane Wrapping Machine is suitable for packaging recording cassette. CD-ROM. Package wax disk. Cigarette box. Playing cards. Cosmetics. Pickles. The stack and mechanical trains, easy to operate section maintenance and good, the stack of light, low prices, high efficiency, the potential use of high. With a tear tape device, and the other can be attached to photosensitive sensors, and the cultivation of fine print OPP packaging materials.

1, This machine is mainly for the long box-shaped items packaging.
2, Equipped with a membrane upright blowing structure, so that the long sealed bag capsule is more stable;
3, It can also be used for double-side-by-side packaging, so that the utilization of the machine and higher added value.
4, This machine takes linkage mechanism as the main body, using Promise frequency control and automatic control of electrical ancillary equipment,
5, This machine is with electricity and gas integration, stable and reliable operation, sealing solid, smooth and beautiful features.
6, The items can be automatically wrapped, heat sealing, counting, and automatically paste security line.
7, The packaging speed can be stepless speed regulation, no box less than film, the color standard (according to customer demand) and other functions.
8, The replacement of a small number of parts of the case, can be packaged with different specifications of the box-type items.

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