LGB-200A Cigarette Case Wrapping Machine|Cellophane Wrapping for Cigarettes

  • Material:cigarettebox, Cosmetics box,phone case,Soap
  • Capacity:40-80boxes per minutes
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
Product use: This Cigarette Case Wrapping Machine|Cellophane Wrap for Cigarettes machine is mainly suitable for packaging cigarettes, soap, poker, mobile phone box, cosmetic box, health products and other box-like items wrapped.


Cartons, wooden boxes or other materials of the boxes and items, regardless of the size of boxes and items, can be used in this cigarette packaging machine transparent film packaging, is an advanced and ideal box-type three-dimensional packaging equipment.
The machine through the touch screen settings, you can automatically complete the count, supply,Wrapped film, cut off, sealing, ironing and other functions.
cigarette packing machine
Technical Data
Model LGB-200A
Packing Material Cellophane(BOPP heat sealing film)
Packaging speed 40-80boxes/min
Packing size (L)50-120mm(W)20-100mm(H)10-50mm
Voltage 220V 50HZ
Total power 4.5kw
Shape dimension 2000*790*1550mm
Machine’s weight 750Kg


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