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Cement Mixing And Packing Machine

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cement mixing machineThis Cement Mixer is with adavatages of easy operation, simple maintenance, and high uniformity, suitable for wet and dry feed mixing, wet grass and feed processing, for stirring viscous substance, the external wall insulation mortar, cracking mortar, Plastering production mix mortar, adhesive mortar, coatings, chemicals, veterinary medicine, medicine and other wet and dry powder material of small businesses.
Working principle:
A U-shaped horizontal mixer, a ribbon agitator blades and transmission components; U-shaped slender tube structure to ensure that the mixed material (powder, semi-fluid) small resistance movement in the cylinder body. Forward and reverse rotation ribbon mounted on the same horizontal axis, forming a low-power efficient hybrid environment, spiral ribbon blade is generally made of double or triple the outer spiral pooled material from both sides to the central inner helix will material from the center to both sides of the conveyor, the material can form more vortices in the flow, speed up the mixing speed, improve mixing uniformity; using a pulley driven by cycloid reducer drive, relative to the gear reducer torque, belt drive the resilient connection has the advantage to protect the drive member when overloaded.
Material may be fully mixed, resulting in improved mixing uniformity; using novel rotor structure, the rotor and housing adjustable minimum gap to close to zero, effectively reducing the amount of residual materials; machine built with added oil pipeline, the overall structure more reasonable, beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance. The machine has high strength, compact structure, wear resistance, low energy consumption, long life, easy operation and maintenance and so on.
Horizontal ribbon mixer works weightlessness mixer biaxial horizontal cylindrical body with a reverse rotation of the blades, blade angled the material along the axial, radial loop welling up, so that the material quickly mixed lying mixer.
As for Cement Packing Machine, LONGER offers different models of cement packing machiens with different sizes and capacities,widely used in packing cement, gypsum powder, talcum powder, lime powder, zinc oxide, alumina powder, titanium dioxide, dry powder mortar, dry mortar, expansion agent, high territory, mica powder, calcium carbonate, sodium sulfate, barium sulfate, calcium light, silica powder, sand casting, the pearl rock, silica, carbon black and other mineral powder packaging.
Main features of cemeng packing machine:
1,Automatic computer control, identification, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-jamming capability, the weighing accuracy;
2,The new design, no gate, weighbeam, tour mound, round cards, pins, tension springs, pull springs and other mechanical weighing mechanism, reduce the vulnerability of the infinite; both reduce
Maintenance costs, and improve productivity;
3, Automatically compress bags, filling, release, stop filling out bags and other functions, stable performance, simple operation (moving workers only pocket
4, The entire body is sealed and equipped with a dust port, reasonable structure, durable, truly environmentally friendly production.


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