Instant Noodles Packing Machine

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-28 Email:
Our company can't only sell Instant Noodle Packing Machine, also provides instant noodle production line machine , today Indian customers want to buy a fried noodle production line, square shape, the weight of every dough piece is 70 grams. Production output of 100,000 packets / day, producing 8 hours a day. Of course, we also have non-fried instant noodles machines, round shape , these requirements can be configured according to the requirements can be acquired. The Indian customers and is equipped with instant noodle packing machine, instant noodle packing machine is our best-selling models machine, also is pillow packing machine is a very strong package, to fit a variety of specifications for food packaging and non-food packaging continuous packaging machine either unbranded packaging or pre-printed with the logo of the web of material (with automatic positioning system) can be packaged. Like cookies, popsicles, chocolate, moon cake, spoon, medicine and so can packaging.