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Manufacturers of Pototo Chips in Packing Machine

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chips packing machineChips weighing and packing machine is suitable for packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material, like puffy food, snacks, corn flakes, breakfast cereals, potato chips, sticks, peanuts, chocolate beans, corn grits, beans, rice, jelly, candy, pistachio, almonds, apple slices, dumpling, pet food, small hardware, medicine, etc.
 Fully automatic and continuous, and easy to connect with other processing machinery;
- Combined many functions into one: Conveying materials – Weighing materials – Making bags – Filling materials – Filling air or nitrogen (needs additional Air compressor or Nitrogen Generator) – Sealing bag – Printing date & code – Making holes – Conveying final bags;
- PLC and touch screen control; 
- High precision with weight error of 0.3-1.5g;
- High efficiency without crashing the materials;
- Many kinds of compound film can be used, like BOPP/CPP, OPP/VMCPP. BOPP/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, PET/AL/PE, NY/PE, PET/PET, etc.

LONGER Machinery as China's Manufacturers of Pototo Chips in Packing Machine, with over 6 years of export business.
The quality for our entire packing machine are credible, the maintain time for this packing machine is one year.
Dear Friends, welcome to enquiry us, we assure that we will give you a best price with the best quality!
Also, we will send you more information and video about the packing machine for your reference!
Any further needed or confusion, pls. Confirm to let me know, you will be very welcomed and we always ready to serve you and should be grateful for your inquiry.
Suit for the quantitative weighing of potato chips, french fries, plantain chips, popcorn, dry pasta, Meatball, Macaroni, hamburgers, oats, puffed food, biscuit, rice crust, jelly, candy, pistachio nut, apple flake, dumpling, rice dumpling, chocolate, hardware and medicine such particle, platy, strip and irregular shape.
Main features:
1. Import PLC computer control system, human-machine screen, easy touch screen operation.
2. With imported servo film transporting system and mark sensor, accurate positioning, perfect packing.
3. Perfect automatic alarm function, to minimize the loss.
4. Combine with metering device, it can finish the process of metering, feeding, filling, bag making, printing.
5. Bag type: Can make it with pillow bag and vertical bag according to customer needs.


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