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Packing Cement Machine For Sale

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-28 Email: [email protected]
Cement Packing Machine we have single nozzle, double nozzles, 3 nozzles, 4 nozzles,   nozzle , and 12 nozzle and so on, suitable for cement, gypsum powder, lime powder, zinc oxide, dry mortar, extenders, calcium carbonate, sodium sulfate, di silica, carbon black and other mineral powder packaging.
The cement packing machine adopts computer weighing measurement and frequency control of the main drive system two parts. Side rotary feed structure, the upper and lower material level monitoring and control mechanism and electrical automatic control and computer automated metering devices. During operation, no pocket when not filling or weight of bags reach the set value can not afford the bag. If you accidentally fall off, the shutter will stop filling the bag immediately. Cement packing machine can adjust the speed of cement packing machine speed according to the requirements and production workers pocket speed.
Besides the insertion of artificial cement bags, the other cement filling, open the gate, the gate closed, lost bags etc will be done automatically and continuously microcomputer, measurement precision rapid, stable and reliable performance, easy adjustment and fully functional. Reduce labor and improve efficiency.

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