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Maize Meal Powder Bags Packaging

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Maize meal or corn meal is a type of food product made from dried corn kernels,used for a large variety of cooking purposes.Maize meal with a coarse texture is also known as polenta in Italian cuisine.
Ground maize also comes in light blue or violet varieties, which is the result of milling blue corn. The corn is sometimes mixed with cedar ash then ground finely or coarsely.
maize meal packing machine

Corn is with general per capita edible, there Ning Xin Yi Fei, spleen appetizer, anti-cancer, cholesterol, brain effect. Corn bogey and snail with the food, otherwise they will be poisoned; try to avoid oysters with food, otherwise it will hinder the absorption of zinc.
(1) cornmeal in calcium, iron more to prevent high blood pressure, coronary heart disease;
(2) cornmeal contains linoleic acid and vitamin E, can make to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body, thereby reducing the incidence of atherosclerosis;
(3) coarsely ground cornmeal contains large amounts of lysine, inhibit tumor growth;
(4) cornmeal also contains selenium, can accelerate the decomposition of the body oxide, inhibition of cancer;
(5) corn are rich in glutathione;
(6) cornmeal rich in dietary fiber, can promote bowel movements and shorten the time of food through the digestive tract, reducing the absorption of toxic and carcinogenic substances to stimulate the colon, thus reducing the incidence of colon cancer.
Maize meal packing machine is a kind of powder packing machine,which can be used for packing powdered products, like wheat flour,cassava flour,potato powder,chilli powder, coffee powder,etc

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