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Honey Sachet Packaging Equipment

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The effect effect of Honey:
1 honey can improve blood components, and promote brain and heart blood vessel function, and they often take for cardiovascular patients is very good
2 honey on the liver maintenance effect, can promote the regeneration of liver cells, the formation of fatty liver have a certain inhibitory effect
3 consumption of honey can quickly make up for the brawn, eliminate fatigue, enhance resistance to disease
4 honey, sterilization effect, often eat honey, not only had no effect on the teeth, but also play a sterilization effect in the oral cavity
5 honey can treat moderate skin damage, especially burns, skin honey as a wound dressing, bacteria can not grow
6 insomnia before going to bed daily oral 1 tablespoon honey (added to 1 cup of warm water), can accelerate the speed of sleep
7 Honey can also laxative (as long as seasoned real natural honey has a laxative effect)
honey sachets packing
Honey should be stored in a cool, dry, clean, well-ventilated place, keeping the temperature at 5 ~ 10 ℃. Air humidity should not exceed 75% of the environment. Honey loaded containers Gaiyan prevent leakage, reducing honey in contact with air.
Honey packaging design to take into account aesthetics, marketing, transportation and other factors, because of the different color itself is highly decorative, so a lot of packaging is designed to be transparent or translucent.
Honey nutrient-rich, very suitable for people of all ages to eat. Traditional honey is mostly used in glass packaging, the drawback is not very convenient to carry, which restricts the honey to be readily accessible as a snack-type snack food promotion has a crease on the sachet bag body, after folding the crease, small packaging bags of honey can be extruded from the crease. Due to the design of the honey bags are creased, folded after the crease becomes honey out of the open channel, with your fingers when eating out can be. This kind of software to carry small packages of honey, edible are very convenient, conducive to the development of high nutritional value of honey into a snack packet type product, make traditional honey become universal coverage snack foods, an important marketing value.


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