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Maize Corn Flour Starch Powder Packaging Plant CK-ZC420F

  • Application:flour or powder
  • Country Of Origin:China
  • Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18538123076
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The automatic corn flour packaging plant is suitable for bagging powdered materials. Such as: Maize flour, curry powder, moringa powder, plantain flour, milk powder, fruit powder, potato flour, wheat flour, rice flour, detergent powder etc.
corn flour packaging plant for sale
Features of Flour Packaging Plant:
☆ The control system adopts Mitsubishi PLC program control, and the touch screen operation is displayed in Chinese and English. 
☆ The new-designed screw powder metering device is used for automatic filling and metering, which is especially suitable for powders with poor fluidity, with high metering accuracy and fast packaging speed.
☆ The pulling power of the film is controlled by a stepping motor, which makes the pulling easier and accurately controls the bag length.
☆ The flour packing plant can automatically complete the measurement and filling of roll film bag materials, seal the packaging bag, and print the date. It can also be equipped with functions such as continuous packaging and nitrogen filling.
corn flour bag packing machine
The automatic flour packing plant is widely applicable, and it can be applied to powder products in many fields. It is a general-purpose powder packaging equipment. Our company is a packaging machine manufacturer, we can configure automatic packaging machines according to the user's material characteristics and packaging requirements.
◎ The screw is softly connected to the barrel and bin, making it easy to disassemble and assemble. There is a movable door at the bottom of the cylinder, and the front and back switches are convenient for cleaning.
◎ The feeding height is determined according to user requirements and working space.

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Technical Data
Model CK-ZC420F
Air consumption 2.5m3/min.6kg/cm²
Max. film width 120-380mm
Bag length 80-240mm
Bag width 50-180mm
Max. film roll diameter Max.300mm
Packing speed 5-70bags/min
Packing thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Power supply specification 220V.50/60Hz.2.4KVA
Dimension (L)880*(W)810*(H)1350mm
Total weight of machine 350kg


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