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Premade 1kg 2kg Wheat Flour Paper Bag Packaging Plant

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The flour paper bag packaging machine has been designed with the objective of reducing production costs for high-volume use, but at the same time, offering a high degree of versatility for smaller fill weights of up to 2 kg.
what flour automatic packing plant
Features of Paper bag flour packing machine:
The automatic premade paper bag flour packaging machine is composed of a quantitative filling machine, in-line packaging machine, conveying code packing machine, heat shrink packing machine (optional), and a printer (optional). Using a professional horizontal bag feeding method, the bag storage device can store more packaging bags; the suction bag and the bag feeding are stable and reliable, the bag loading rate is high, and the packing material loss is low; the packaging bag pattern is perfect, and the sealing is firm, thereby improving the product grade.
wheat flour paper bag packing machine
Benefits of paper bag flour packing plant:
☆ Consumable material space in the facility. Two working station. 
☆ Hygienic and clean. Ideal for packing human foodstuffs thanks to no oil bath or lubrication. 
☆ Reduced operator time thanks to longer running times. 
☆ Nearly maintenance free thanks to no rapidly wearing parts. 
☆ Easy access to all areas of the machine. 
☆ Improved internal dust aspiration ducting resulting in a clean machine. 
☆ Low noise emissions. 
☆ Minimal maintenance required due to integrated servo-drive technology.
flour bag filling machine
This flour paper bag packing plant is developed for the quantitative packaging of small particles or various powder materials in paper bags. It can independently complete the tasks of metering, filling, compaction, and glue sealing. It can be used with linear conveyor bagging machines and heat shrink packaging machines. As adopting advanced horizontal bag feeding method, the bag storage device can store more packaging bags at one time, thereby improving work efficiency.

Technical Data
Packing speed 5-60 bags/min
Measuring range 10-1000ml(Max)
Power voltage 380VAC/50HZ
Power 1Kw
Dimension 900(L)×1120(W)×2100mm
Weight of machine 200KG

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