LG-8 Automatic Rotary Cement Packing Machine

  • Material:cement or other powder
  • Capacity:80-150tons/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
Main features of 8-Spout Automatic Rotary Cement Packing Machine:
1, Computer-aided design, mechanical and electrical integration, automatic measurement, stable performance;
2, Simple structure, very few wearing parts, greatly reducing equipment investment and maintenance costs;
3, Auto-complete press bags, filling out the bag, the closing function;
4, The whole sealed tight, easy maintenance, no blocking, no card, no leakage;
5, Weighing accuracy, stable performance, simple operation;
6, The seal is good, reasonable structure, durable;
7, Small size, light weight, easy to adjust maintenance.
Technical Data
LG-8 Cement Packing Machine -Full Set Equipment
No. Name Unit Quantity Specification
1 LG-8 Rotary Cement Packing Machine Set 1 8 filling mouths
2 Vibration Screen Set 1 120T
3 Pneumatic Valve Set 1 300
4 Spiral Gate Piece 1 400*400
5 Rigid Impeller Feeder Set 1 400*400
6 Bags Picking Machine Set 1 800*2500
7 Bags Collating Unit Set 1  
8 Bags Clearance Unit Set 1  
9 Electric Cabinet Piece 10  
Automatic Self Loader-Full set (Including Conveying Belt)
10 Automatic Self Loader Unit Set 1 12M
Lifting Machines-Full Set Lifting Machines and Conveyors
11 Lifting Machines Unit Set 1 NE150×16


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