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LG-6 Automatic Rotary Six Spout Cement Packing Machine

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Rotary cement packing machine is the introduction of the German hospital in packaging technology, based on the actual situation with reference to the use of self-developed packaging machine packaging equipment. Its technical indicators reach or exceed the level of domestic industry, and completely replace imported equipment, many manufacturers after years of use, combined with perfect technology and improved performance is more stable.
rotary cement packing machine
Cement packing machine has the following characteristics:
1, Wide adaptation, where the good flow properties of powder, granular materials can be used for packaging of the packaging machine.
2, The basic automation, filling, metering, lost bags and other actions are done automatically and continuously.
3, The working environment clean environment, no sidekicks are not filling, the bag weighs less than a calibration value can not afford the bag, the bag is accidentally detached shutter automatically closes immediately stop filling.
4, Simple maintenance, less wearing parts, no hydraulic, pneumatic components.
LG-6 rotary cement packing machine adopts frequency control of the main drive system, turning the center into the material structure, mechanical and electrical integration of computer-controlled bodies and automatic metering devices.
LG-6 Rotary Six Spout Cement Packing Machine is ideal for filling bags of cement plant equipment;maintenance is more convenient to reach a stable performance, accurate measurement, ash fast, good sealing, and energy efficient features..Cement packing machine is a kind of special equipment of bagged cement production required, to complete the automatic packaging of cement, can also be used to wrap the other flow performance good powder material (such as fly ash, cement additive, etc.) so it still is widely used in small and medium-sized cement plant.
Technical Data
The Parameter Name Unit Model
Numerical value
The discharging mouth number pcs 6
Productive power t/h 60-90
Weighing accuracy Single bag weight kg 20-50(can adjusted)
Heavy bags of qualified % ≥95
20bags of gross weight kg ≥1000
The outer diameter of the rotating cylinder mm 1750
The maximum rotating diameter mm 2600
The discharging mouth distance high mm 1350
Spinning speed r/min 0-5
Rotation direction look down at clockwise
Source voltage V 220V 50Hz
Power pressure MPa 0.1-0.2
The discharging mechanism of power head motor model LG112M-4
power 24KW
speed 1440 r/min
The rotary drive Variable frequency speed regulating motor model GG90L-4
power 1.5KW
speed 125-1250r/min
Electromagnetic speed regulating motor model LG1324A
power 1.5t/min
speed 125-1250r/min
Belt speed regulating motor reducer model LGHL1.5-435
actual speed ratio 1:35
The weight of the whole machine t 4.8


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