LG-2 Two Spout Cement Packaging Machine

  • Material:cement powder
  • Capacity:30tons/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
structure of cement powder packing machine
Two-spout cement packing machine is suitable for packing the automatic filling of the cement bags. This is the structure of LG-2 Two Mouth Cement Packing Machine.
Advantages of cemen packing machine:
1 weighing accuracy, stable performance, simple operation;
2 tightness, reasonable structure and durable;
3 small size, light weight, easy to adjust and maintenance;
4 mechanical and electrical integration, save energy. 
5 wide range of uses. It is not only used for cement packaging, can also be used for other free-flowing powder, granular materials packaging.
Technical Data
Model Power
measuring accuracy (kg/bag) qualification rate of The weight of bag Dimension (L*W*H) Packing weight(kg)
LG-2 two spouts 13.2 30 50±0.5 99/% 1050*1500*1770mm 650


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