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Cigarette Case Cellophane Wrapping Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-06-13 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
Applicable material of Cigarette Case Cellophane Wrapping Machine is cellophane and BOPP coating film, and this machine is general equipment to make 3d packing for different specifications carton or hard side body objects. Its regards mechanical linkage as the main body, adopts stepless frequency control of motor speed and automatic control electrical accessories. The machine integrating machine, electricity and gas as a whole, has compact structure, beautiful performance, convenient operation and easily maintenance, small volume, light weight and high degree of automation, etc. 
cellophane packing machine
Suitable for packing tape / cassette recordings. Compact discs. Wax disk pack cigarette box. Poker cosmetics. Pickles. Food. The stack handling and mechanical transmission, easy operation section repair warranty good stack body lightweight, low cost, high efficiency, the high dive with. With tear tape device, and the other additional light-sensitive sensors, and to cultivate the fine print of the OPP packaging materials.

Cigarette Case Cellophane Wrapping Machine LGB-200A with packing capacity 40-80bags/min, power 220V 50HZ machine's weight is 750Kg and shape dimendions 2000*790*1550mm,
which is perfect for commercial use. As long as it is a rectangular or square box, wooden box, or other material box and goods, regardless of the size of the box and goods,
all can use this cellophane packing machine for a full range of transparent film (paper) packaging, is a kind of ideal cassette 3 d packaging equipment,
which is a kind equipment to improve the quality of products and packaging unique equipment! 

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