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Liquid filling machine to Pakistan

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-28 Email: [email protected]
June 6 from a customer in Pakistan, bought three sets of liquid filling machines in our company, Buy this machine for filling milk, customers have their own dairy factory in Pakistan, requirements sent to Qingdao, for there his agent. This is before we take pictures of the machines shipped to the customer, packaging materials meet the export quarantine requirements.

Stocking period: 7 days
Payment: electronic funds transfer
(we cam accept Western union, T / T, LC are accepted..)
Port: FOB
(we can send to the customer designated ports)
Packaging Materials: We adopt the export standard wooden packing
Installation: installation brochures and operation manuals with detailed description will be provided. If necessary, we will send our technicians abroad for further help.

This liquid filling machines is new horizontal design, lightweight and convenient, automatic priming for larger sticky paste can feed hopper. 
There are manual and automatic switching between functions: When the machine is in the "auto" state, the machine according to the set speed automatic continuous filling; and when the machine is in "manual" state, the staff needs to step on the pedal to achieve the filling; if slam had been put, the machine will automatically become continuous filling.
This is the horizontal type liquid filling machines. it can filling juice,vinegar,peanut butter,bean butter,garlic paste,ginger paste,shampoo and chemical etc.


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