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Bottle Filling Machine Sold To Zimbabwe

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-29 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
Zimbabwe customer on our company bought 6 bottles filling machines, customers are mainly retail. Bottle filling machine can be filling peanut butter, tomato sauce, sesame, chili sauce, jam, cosmetics, liquids, etc. The machine is 304 stainless steel body. Our company also can configure the capping machine, labeling machine (print function), a series of pipeline conveying belt.etc.
This is the first cooperation of our customers and we will definitely give customers full, quality assured. To require the customer to ship from the port of Beira near him, of course, where we often cooperate shipping company, low cost of sea freight, which is before our image delivery, packaging materials meet export quarantine requirements

How humane?
Botthle filling machine is the new horizontal design, lightweight and convenient, automatic priming for larger sticky paste can feed hopper.
Horizontal Double cream filling, manual and automatic switching between function: When the machine is in the "auto" state, the machine according to the set speed automatic continuous filling. When the machine is in "manual" state, the operator pedaled to achieve filling, if slam has been held continuously, it also becomes automatic continuous filling state. Anti-drip filling systems: When filling the cylinder up and down movement, led bulkhead
This series bottle filling machine for medicine, food, pesticide and other industries, is the best equipment for high viscosity fluid, paste filling, the filling volume adjustment handle, filling speed can be adjusted, filling accuracy high. Filling mouth adopts anti-leakage, anti-pull. This series filling machine points single, double and other models


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