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LGB-400A Cellophane Wrapping Machine in Bahrain

Editor:Katherine time:2016-09-28 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
cellophane wrapping machineName: LGB-400A Cellophane Wrapping Machine
Quantity: 1 Set
Certificate: CE
Destination: Bahrain

Customer from Bahrain inquiried about cellophane wrapping machine. Customer is in business with pharmaceuticals and health care products. He wanted to buy a cellophane wrapping machine for box over wrapping.

Bahrain people are famous for their hospitality and sincere enthusiasm. In social occasions,when they meet with the guests, they greet to guests, first said: "Asa Ram Allai, Sardinia Qom" (Hello), and then applying a handshake and say: "Kai Yifei · Haru g "(good health). When they meet with friends and family, hugging and kissing ceremony Shi habits (both hug each other at the same time with the guests kiss on the cheek). But only between men. When they shuttle guests, always willing to line side by side with the guests, in order to express intimate emotions, they often have to walk together holding hands with visiting guest. This is an expression of Arabs warm, friendly and courteous special customs. They really man, stresses loyalty, generosity, love friends. Once guests appreciate their praise or something, they will certainly things that you praise for you. If you do not accept, they will be angry and disgusted.
This LGB-400A Cellophane Wrapping Machine is widely used in pharmaceuticals, health care products, nutritional supplements, food, cosmetics, stationery, audio-visual products and other industries in the automatic packaging of various box. As for the boxed medicines, tea, incense, poker, tape, wrapping cigarettes and other items, with capacity15-35bag/min voltage 380V 50-60Hz and total power 6.5Kw.
Mechanical linkage that subject, with stepless frequency control and ancillary equipment controlled electrical, mechanical, electrical, gas as a whole, with a stable and reliable sealing firm, smooth appearance.
The cassette single or a combination of the entire column after the automatic wrapping, sealing, counting and self-adhesive tear tape.
Packing speed stepless, lack of box no less than film, for color (by customer demand) and other functions, in the case of replacement of small parts, can be packaged in different sizes cassette items.
used for coating BOPP cellophane or cardboard boxes of different sizes, packaging materials and other three-dimensional packaging equipment.

cellophane over wrapping machine

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