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Granule Packing Machine Can Package Which Kind Of Products ?

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-28 Email: [email protected]
Granular Packing Machine, the overall structure of the feeding system, hopper, weighing system, control system, discharging system, molding system.
granular packaging machine for granular, granular powder mix, strip, block, and other materials Packing. Such as: melon seeds, peanuts, beans, walnuts, fertilizer, feed, tablets, washing powder, casual food, sugar, spices, metal and other granular materials quantitative filling packaging.
Automatic Granule packing machine meet GMP standards, has a simple structure, less investment, stability, easy maintenance, PLC control system (full Chinese / English display various states) features, and can be used only with electronic scales as part of the semi-automatic packaging machine, used in combination with the human, can greatly reduce the initial investment costs for small businesses and medium-sized large factory production line

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