Starch Flour Packing Machine in China

Editor:Katherine time:2016-09-28 Email: [email protected]
flour packing machine
Product Name: Powder Filling Packing machine with automatic spiral flour starch powder quantitative sub-installed factory.
Starch flour automatic feeding spiral of quantitative powder packaging machine (sub-installed) Product Description:
1, flour, starch powder quantitative automatic feeding screw packing machine (filling machine) powder used in chemical, food, agricultural and other industries, powder, powder-like quantitative packaging material; such as: milk, starch, pesticides, veterinary drugs, premix, additives, spices, feed, enzyme preparations;
2, automatic feeding spiral flour starch powder quantitative packing machine (filling machine) suitable for bags, cans, bottles and other containers powder quantitative packaging;
3, starch flour automatic feeding spiral of quantitative powder packaging machine (filling machine) is a mechanical, electrical, optical, instrument in one, MCU control, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement error and other functions;
4, speed: spiral cutting, light-control technology;
5, high precision: a stepping motor and electronic weighing technology;
6, packing a wide range: the same quantitative packing machine in 5-5000g electronic scales keyboard adjustments and replacement under different specifications of feed screw continuously adjustable;
7, a wide range: there is a certain fluidity of powder-like, powder materials can be;
8, the error due to the proportion of materials and level changes can be automatically tracked amended;
9, photoelectric switch control, only manual bagging, bag clean, easy to seal;
10, with material contact parts are made of stainless steel, easy to clean, to prevent cross-contamination.