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Vertical Granules Packing Machine|Coating Peanut Packing Machine

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The vertical granule packing machine is suitable for packaging of granulated strips,short strips and powder strips such as puffed food, shrimp strips,peanuts,popcorn,oatmeal, melon seeds,jelly, white sugar,salt, washing powder. Here we will show you the working process of the vertical granule packing machine.

Working principle of the machine:
1) Feeding turntable device
The feeding turntable device is composed of a hopper, a tray and an adjustable volume measuring cup. The measuring cup consists of a fixed measuring cup and an active measuring cup. The lower part of the measuring cup has a rotatable bottom plate. There are two fixing pins on the panel below the turntable. When the measuring cup of the turntable is turned to the position of the former, the pin will open the bottom plate, and after the measuring cup is turned away, the other pin will return the measuring cup bottom plate back to the bottom of the bottom cup. There is a nut at the center of the lower part of the turntable. The rotating nut can change the relative position of the upper and lower measuring cups to change the volume.
2) Packaging Execution System
The package execution system of this machine consists of a paper feeding mechanism, a elephant nose former, a paper feed roller, a heat sealer and a cutter. The wrapping paper is pulled from the reel through the paper-feeding roller, and the packaging and forming device is made into a paper bag. A pair of paper-pulling rollers on the lower part of the front side of the machine pulls the bag-tube down a long distance, and the heat sealer longitudinally and laterally seals the bag. The material is then immediately loaded into the paper bag. When the heat sealer is again heat sealed, a heat seal package is completed. The cutter cuts the paper bag from the middle of the sealing portion. The heat sealer and the cutter are driven synchronously by the same transmission mechanism.
peanut packing machine
3) Equipment features
1.Product packaging, printing date is completed once. Save time and save costs;
2.Optimized structural design, disassembly, cleaning is more convenient;
3.Horizontal and vertical sealing temperature independent control, better adapt to various packaging materials;
4.According to the material conversion opening and closing mode metering device.


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