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The Introduce Of Liquid Packing Machine|Popsicle Stick Filling Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-05-28 Email: [email protected]
The device adopts advanced single-chip computer control system, the cursor positioning is more precise, the operation is simple, the noise is small, the performance is stable, and the practicability is stronger. The machine automatically completes bag making, sealing, cutting, cutting, cursor tracking, exhausting, etc. The liquid packaging machine is suitable for quantitative filling and automatic packaging of liquids with fluidity, such as edible oil, mineral water, juice, hair cream and the like.
filling machine
Equipment features of the machine:
1. Product packaging, printing date is completed once. Save time and save costs;
2. Optimized structural design, disassembly, cleaning is more convenient;
3. Horizontal and vertical sealing temperature independent control, better adapt to various packaging materials;
4. Solenoid valve control, accurate measurement.

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