Automatic Cosmetic Box Wrapping Machine|Cellophane Cigarette Box Packaging Machinery

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cosmetic box wrapping machine
This applicable material of Automatic Cosmetic Box Wrapping Machine is using cellophane and BOPP coating film, and this machine is general equipment to make 3D packing for different specifications carton or hard side body objects. Its regards mechanical linkage as the main body, adopts stepless frequency control of motor speed and automatic control electrical accessories.
Features of Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine
The Automatic Cosmetic Box Wrapping Machine integrates machine, electricity and gas as a whole, has compact structure, beautiful performance, convenient operation and easily maintenance, small volume, light weight and high degree of automation, etc. This machine is widely used in medicine, health care product, health tonic, food, daily cosmetics, stationery, VCD tape, poker, cigarettes etc. various small boxed item’s packing, has anti-counterfeiting, moisture proof, improve product added value, product grades and product packaging quality function, is an ideal cassette 3d packaging equipment.
cellophane cigarette box packing machine
The automatic cosmetic box cellophane packaging machine is designed for automatic packaging of external transparent films for regular cardboard boxes and is widely used in medicines, foods, health products, cosmetics, stationery, audio and video products, chemical industries, such as: cigarettes, medicines, mosquito coils, poker, boxed VCD, tapes, etc. The machine is easy to operate and maintain, stable and reliable, flat and beautiful. It can wrap, feed, fold, heat-seal, pack, count, and automatically attach anti-counterfeiting and easy-pull cables to single-packages.
Packaging materials: BOPP, PVC heat shrinkable film and anti-counterfeiting cable. If anyone have interest in automatic cellophane packaging machine, please contact us Email:[email protected] or Phone/WhatsApp 0086-18537181190