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Introduce Of The Semi-automatic Filling Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-06-04 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
The semi-automatic filling machine is called the full-pneumatic semi-automatic piston filling machine. It is based on the redesign of the reference to foreign similar products, and adds some additional functions to make the product in operation, precision error, capacity adjustment, equipment cleaning. maintenance and other aspects are more simple and convenient. The all-pneumatic filling machine designed on this basis uses pneumatic components instead of electrical control loops, making it ideal for use in environments where explosion protection is required.
filling machine
The working principle of the all-pneumatic semi-automatic piston filling machine is as follows: The piston in the cylinder is reciprocated by the forward and backward movement of the cylinder, so that the front chamber of the cylinder generates a negative pressure. When the cylinder moves forward, the piston is pulled backward, and the front chamber of the cylinder generates a negative pressure. The material in the supply tank is pressed by the atmospheric pressure into the feeding tube, and enters the feeding tube through the check valve of the inlet and outlet. When the cylinder moves backwards, push the piston forward and squeeze the material. The material enters the discharge hose through the discharge check valve, and finally enters the empty bottle through the filling head (the filling head is closed when feeding, and is opened when discharging), and the filling is completed. The piston filling machine is a mechanical single simple movement for each filling, so it has high filling accuracy and stability for every regular container.
1. All use compressed air as control, so it is especially suitable for explosion-proof requirements.Environmentally friendly and highly secure;
2. No static electricity, no electricity, no grounding;
3. Due to the hard positioning, the filling accuracy is high, and the precision can be controlled within 0.3% (based on the maximum filling amount);
4. In the case of emergency stop, simply turn off the pneumatic switch, the piston automatically retreats to the initial position, and the filling stops.

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