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Introduce Of The Stretch Film Vacuum Packaging Machine

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Stretch film vacuum packaging machine is suitable for vacuum or air conditioning of various frozen and divided meat, meat products, soy products, seafood, snack foods, fruits and vegetables, pickles, chilled meat, pharmaceutical products, hardware components, medical equipment and other industries. Packed, vacuum-packed items can prevent oxidation, mildew, insects, decay, moisture, extend the shelf life, have the advantages of beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency, easy operation, etc. This kind of packaging has become the food packaging in the future. trend. Using a forming die, the film is first heated and then punched into a shape of a container by a forming die, and then the package is placed in a formed lower film cavity, and the upper film is overcoated for vacuum packaging. It is hygienic, efficient, labor-saving, and low in cost. This machine can be equipped with a coding machine or a printer according to customer requirements.
vacuum packing machine
Technical features of the machine:
1. Frame body: The frame body is formed by high-strength alloy aluminum structure at one time, and is finished by high-precision gantry planer and gantry milling. Compared with the steel structure, the ordinary aluminum plate structure has remarkable characteristics such as high mechanical strength, stable structure, no deformation, and high precision.
2. Vacuum pump: The vacuum pump used in this machine is the German original (BUSCH) “Pu Xu” imported pump. It has the characteristics of high pumping efficiency, high vacuum, low noise, stable and reliable quality, long service life, etc. .
3. Pneumatic system: the machine vacuum, forming pneumatic system, advanced design, ingenious, unique, so that the overall working efficiency increased by more than 10%, at the international advanced level, the use of "Yadeke" cylinder, "Yadeke" Pneumatic valve.
4. Control system: the machine control system uses the world famous brand Japan Mitsubishi brand 10 inch color large screen touch screen, programmable controller (PLC) control stepping system, servo motor, high running precision, coordinated automatic, stable, ensure the machine It is reliable in operation and easy to use. The push button switch adopts the products of the French "Schneider" electric appliance company, which is beautiful in appearance and safe and reliable in operation.
5. Mold replacement: This machine can be designed according to user requirements. The mold replacement is simple and fast, and it is very convenient for multi-variety and multi-spec product packaging, which truly realizes the multi-purpose of one machine and greatly improves the scope of use of the machine.
6. Cutter: This machine cross-cutting knife adopts “chrome 12” chrome-plated serrated cutter, which is reliable in operation, long in service life, beautiful incision, and easy to tear open is its biggest advantage. Its control is automatically adjusted by the touch screen, which is unique to the company and has obtained national patents. Its high efficiency and simple operation are incomparable to any other brand products; the longitudinal cutter system adopts modular design, and the adjustment and replacement are simple. Convenient and with the international advanced level.
7. Waste recycling: This machine waste recycling device adopts Taiwan's original wind turbine, which has the characteristics of stable performance, reliable operation, long service life and low noise, ensuring environmental sanitation in the workplace.
8. Oher: the use of stainless steel brand high quality film chain, stainless steel feet, cast aluminum studio, plexiglass cover, transparent, intuitive, safe, with an open cover to protect the emergency stop function.

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