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Details of Double Chamber Tea Bag

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double chamber tea bag
In 1908 June, New York tea merchant Thomas Sullivan (Thomas Sullivan) often sent samples of tea to potential customers. In order to reduce costs, he thought of a way, that was a little loose tea packed in a few small silk bag inside. At that time, some customers did not bubble tea after receiving those bags, the tea is not very clear because of the procedure, often directly put these bags went out into the boiling water Dong lost. Gradually, it was found that the packaging of tea easy to use, they gradually formed a small bag of tea with the habit.
What are the advantages of Double-room / Double Chamber bag tea bags?
① Imported from Italy automatic packaging equipment, high yield
② Double room type tea bag, a juice block, the extraction rate
③ The cost is relatively low
④ Riding tag to avoid the hand with the tea bag direct contact, to facilitate health
⑤ Double-chamber tea bag can be added outside the envelope (independent small package), a mechanized molding, without manual bagging, greatly reducing costs.

How to pack this kind of double chamber tea bag? LONGER offers you a kind of Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine with both inner and outer packing. This machine is suitable for Tea/herbal/Coffee etc Small particles of inside and outside the bag of disposable packaging.
1. All the contact materials are made of SUS304 stainless steel, a reliable guarantee of health products;
2. Adopt PID regulator temperature controller, temperature control more accurate;
3. PLC control machine motion, man-machine interface display, easy to operate.

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