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Pyramid Tea Bag Machine Price

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Pyramid tea bag, also called triangle type tea bag, is with three-dimensional design, which is better than ordinary tea bags. This design of tea bags can maintain the shape of tea without broken; It can be contact with water when making tea, this kind of pyramid tea bag is easier to soak and tastes better.
tea packing machine
How to pack this kind of pyramid tea bag? LONGER offers high quality pyramid tea bag packing machine.The machine has a high degree of automation and simple operation. It only needs workers to complete the packaging production process (without manual secondary sealing), save
manpower (2-3 people), reduce labor intensity and greatly reduce production costs. effectiveness. The production of all technical indicators have reached the national standard.
pyramid tea bag packing machine    
Nylon triangular tea bag can be degradable and reduce environmental pollution problems. It uses a unique method of sealing ----- Seamless ultrasonic sealing, close, health, safety, reducing the excess width of the edge, do not waste a hint of filter material, compared with ordinary teabag, such a high shape Quality sense of tea bag image, bringing aesthetics and high-level, more easily accepted by the public.
Performance characteristics of Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine:
1. By means of the ultrasonic sealing cut method, it is possible to produce a teabag with excellent drawability and a beautiful appearance
2. Packaging capacity of 2000-2400 bags / hour.
3. Labeled packets of tea can be easily produced using labeled packaging materials.
4. The sliding volume metering method makes it easy to change the packing.
5, According to the shape of the customer choice of electronic weighing tea.


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