Corn Grits|Flour Packaging Machine Sold to Kenya

Editor:Katherine time:2016-09-28 Email:
flour packaging machineflour packaging machine
Customer from Kenya ordered a set of semi-automated flour packaging machine that can package flour between 10g and 5kg packets.
Features of Semi-automated Flour Packaging Machine:
1. The function of the screw metering completed filling, metering, etc. industry, this is for quantitative packaging.
2. Adaptation class powder and small particles of packing;
3. horizontal silo open, open the cleaning without tools;
4. The servo motor drive screw, all stainless steel material contact parts in contact;
5. Adjust the height of the hand wheel, convenient and quick;
6. Screw measurable transformation of different weights, for a variety of powdered materials.
7. Can be configured as required on the feeder
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