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Economic Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine For Boxes

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This set of shrink wrapping machine is consisted of automatic sealing cutting machine and heat shrinking machine,which is perfect used to pack boxes, cans, bottles, books, and other kinds of products. 
1. The sealing cutting machine is with good quality, which can effectively ensure that sealing and sealing non-mucous membrane, sealing solid, to prevent sealing and cutting does not smoke, no pollution, common problems occur. Sealing frame using high-quality alloy steel, sealing quality and stability, the framework is not easy to deformation.
2. The whole set of complete automation system, with photoelectric detection, can be achieved without automatic operation to help enterprises to save labor costs.
3. The product conversion specifications easy to operate easy to adjust, just hand wheel can be easily adjusted to adjust, with the production line directly connected to use.
4. This shrink wrapping machine has the most basic protection function, effectively prevent the wrong packaging and protect the safety of operators, to avoid common safety problems.
shrink wrapping machine
Technical Features of heat shrink wrapping machine:
1. With intelligent temperature control, the system temperature is more accurate, greatly extended life.
2. The use of solid roller conveyor belt, roller jacket high temperature silicone tube. Can withstand large weight of the object and easy to wear. (Optional conveyor belt)
3. The use of high-power wind motor, to ensure a strong enough wind to make the packaging once to achieve the perfect packaging effect.
4. The use of stainless steel liner, effectively ensure the temperature heat transfer fast, even heat, low energy consumption, long life and other characteristics.
Application of heat shrink wrapping machine:
Widely used in cosmetics, printed matter, pharmaceuticals, software, food, beverages, metal plastic and other industries bulk shrink packaging, apply POF, PE, PVC and other packaging materials shrink packaging.

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