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Packing Machine in Cement Plant

Editor:Katherine time:2017-04-01 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
cement packing machine
1, Turn on the power of the cement packing mchine to start the machine before starting the packaging machine power, and then start the feeding device or open the gate, shut down before leaving the feeding equipment and gate, and then turn off the packaging machine power to prevent the packaging machine ash system is blocked.
2, Check the weighing device, with particular attention to the use and maintenance of traction electromagnet. If you find the fuselage shaking too much, should find out the reasons for timely processing, and check the fuselage bolts tightening situation.
3, Cleaning bagging agencies, should not have Sassafras, rely on, care, cards and other phenomena.
4, During the packing process, do not hand to press the cement bag, so as not to affect the weighing accuracy.
5, Removable a bag on the spring, must be re-dynamic weighing calibration.
6, The gate seal packing, do not press too tight, so as not to affect the flexibility of the gate switch is strictly prohibited filling lubricants, such as the phenomenon of the gate there is a tightening, to timely adjustment or replacement of new packing.
7, The gray body power head spindle with butter lubrication, at least twice a week plus grease.

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