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New Cellophane Packaging Machine LGB-300A Sold to Costa Rica

Editor:Katherine time:2017-04-06 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
cellophane packaging machine

Machine Name: Cellophane Packaging Machine
Model No.: LGB-300A
Country of origin: China
Certificate: CE
Sold to: Costa Rica

One customer from Costa Rica ordered cellophane packaging machine LGB-300A from LONGER Machinery (autopackm.com), and he plans to use it to over wrap different kinds of boxes, mainly medicine box. The size range of each pack is L(50-220mm)*W(20-130mm)*H(10-70mm) mm. According to customer's requirement, LONGER Machinery sales person suggested several models of cellophane packaging machines. And finally, customer ordered LGB-300A.

This LGB-300A is our newly designed Cellophane Packaging Machine, which can be used to pack different kinds of boxes, like medical box, perfume box, cigarette box, cosmestics, CD/DVD/VCD, poker, etc. As long as it's rectangle or square boxes (wooden box, paper box, or box made of other material), box or other material boxes and items, regardless of the size of the box and the items, all can be used for all-round transparent film (paper) packaging. This cellophane packaging machine is an ideal box three-dimensional Packaging equipment, which can improve product quality and decoration of the products.

The advantages: Anti-counterfeiting, moistureproof, dust prevention. It can increase value-added products, improve product quality and the quality of product decoration.
● The price of the machine is reasonable.
● Reasonable mould price, simple and quick replacement, a machine can be completed dozens of specifications packaging
● The machine is light and beautiful, the packaging site is not limited by the weight of the machine
● Simple operation,without the need for professional operation
● Stable operation, no maintenance, to overcome the automatic transparent film packaging machine problems and more problems


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