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Mooncake Packaging and Sealing Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2017-04-07 Email: [email protected]
mooncake packaging machine

The main features of Automatic Mooncakes Packaging and Sealing Machine:
1. The key parts of the use of stainless steel structure, in line with food QS and medical GMP health standards; automatic memory packaging parameters, can quickly replace the packaging, convenient, high performance;
2. High sensitivity electric eye automatic tracking, set without manual adjustment, sealing size and location accuracy Color automatic touch screen display, positioning downtime, automatic fault diagnosis function, display at a glance;
3. Production of automatic counting, quantitative production, packaging production is accurate, the output of the packaging, However, mechanical design and transmission system is simple, more reliable, more convenient maintenance; according to user product packaging requirements, equipped with nitrogen or mixed gas, the production date coding system.
4. This mooncakes packaging machine is multi-purpose for packaging biscuit, cakes, cookies, instant noodles, spoon, knife, chocolate, ice lolly, nut bar, peanut brittle, etc.

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