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Honey Sachet Filling Machine For Sale

Editor:Katherine time:2019-06-18 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
The characteristics of Automatic honey sachet filling machine:
1. The design and manufacturing of the automatic honey straw filling machine is with advanced technology, research and development designed, simple operation, and high filling accuracy.
2. This automatic honey sachet filling machine is equipped with automatic mixer, you can mix the sauce evenly, will not cause filling plugging, pneumatic control filling valve to ensure the filling accuracy.
3. The pneumatic parts of automatic honey straw filling machine are imported components, and materials are part of the contact with stainless steel, made to ensure the safety and stability of production, in line with GMP requirements.
4. The packing speed is adjustable, adaptable, filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted according to production needs.
honey sachet filling machine
Automatic honey straw filling machine is multi-purpose for filling packing honey, tomato sauce, shampoo, etc. The capacity can be 20-40bags/minute and 28-60bags/minute, the filling range can be 5ml - 1000ml,  the power of machine is 220V, 50HZ. 
It has Chinese and English display control system, including stainless steel box, only in the display of the set unit to set the required parameters (filling bag length, etc.), the control system is automatically optimized to match the action with, so as to achieve the best packaging speed. The dual light source photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable, to ensure that the packaging of the trademark integrity. The honey straw filling machine is with intelligent temperature controller control. Automatic completion of measurement, bagging, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cut off and count all the work, the use of three sides sealed double-sided heating or four-side sealing mode.


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