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Jelly Cups Filling Sealing Machine LG-4QB Sold To Ecuador

Editor:Katherine time:2019-07-03 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
One customer from Ecuador ordered one unit of jelly cups filling sealing machine from LONGER Machinery. Customer requires capacity 5000 cups/h, so we suggest model LG-4QB. This multi-purpose jelly cups filling machine can also be used to fill yogurt cups, pudding cups, etc.
jelly cups filling machine
Features of Jelly Cup Filling Machine:
1. Adopts PLC control and touch screen with eight language display, intelligent operating unit and all functional display, so it's easy to operate.
2.With innovative continuous plane heat-pressure sealing and 2-step sealing,  it ensures the sealing stability.
3.The machine is equipped with automatic adjusting film sealing position with photo electric sensor feedback correction.
 4.We can fit in printer for print data according to customers' needs. Stainless steel construction permits a wide range of products to be filled. The packers are constructed with food grade stainless steel contact parts and seals to permit the filling of food products.
 5.It can fill many kinds of shapes, like roundest, peach, panda, heart vs heart, butterfly, etc. We can also design any new model according to clients' requirements.
Outstanding Features and Construction:    
1.Pneumaticl cup falling.
2.Two-step piston filling device permits adjustment of filling quantity.
3.Two-step sealing make sure the film firm, and have a high percent of finished product.
4.Feeding materials from charging bucket automatically.
5.The photoelectric tracing device can be assure of the seal design correct.   
6.All parts which are directly contact with food are made of stainless steel. So it conforms to the requirements of Food Grade and looks bright and orderliness.
7.Waste film can be collected automatically.
8. According to the buyers demands, the imported components and equipped with PLC system can be added to the machine, and the date-printing device are also added

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