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Automatic Pudding Jelly Yogurt Cup Ice Cream Filling Sealing Machine

  • Material:Jelly,yogurt,pudding,ice cream
  • Capacity:3000-8000cups/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
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Automatic jelly cups filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling and sealing of jelly, juice, jam, yogurt, ice cream, salad, pudding, condiments, beverages, chocolate and other foods.
Filling and sealing of cups, bowls, boxes, barrels and special shape container,  like roundest, peach, panda, heart vs heart, butterfly, etc, the container material is plastic.
The workflow of jelly cup filling machine: Falling Cup - Cup pressure - filling - UV - send film - Correcting - Sealing - Code printing - Cut - Waste film recycling - Off cup, all processes are done automatically.
The full automatic jelly cup filling sealing machine can work automaticlly including the process of container dropping, sterilizing by ultraviolet radiation, filling, auto coding, 1st heat sealing, photoelectric pattem profreading, 2nd heat sealing, film trimming and auto discharge.

Technical Data
Model LG-3QB LG-4QB LG-6QB
Packaging speed 3000-4500cups/h 4800-6000cups/h 6000-8000cups/h
Electric  heating Motor 4kw 4.5kw 5.2kw
Refrigeration Motor Two-tone 6kw
Three-color 12kw
Motor 1500kw
Power 380v/50hz
Air pressure 0.65-0.85Mpa


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