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How to Use Shrink Wrap Machine?

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Shrink wrap machine is a very widely used packaging equipment. Its working principle is very simple, that is, when the heat shrinkable film is heated at high temperature, the irregular arrangement of atoms changes drastically. Under the irradiation of infrared light, the plastic molecules move again and the arrangement changes, so that the The method of heating is to rearrange the atoms to greatly reduce the area of the product, so that the product can be more closely fitted.
 shrink wrap machine
How to Use Shrink Wrap Machine?
1. Before operating the shrink wrapping machine: First check whether the state of each part is normal, pay attention to the equipment must be well grounded to prevent induced electricity and ensure safe operation.
2. Turn on the power switch, the power indicator light is on, rotate the cooling fan switch and the delivery switch.
3. Unplug the hot air switch and the rotary heating switch, adjust the temperature to set the required temperature, and let the machine heat up.
4. After the heating switch of the electric heating tube is turned on, first observe whether the temperature in the shrink furnace is heating to determine whether the working state is normal.
5. After the shrink wrapping work, the electric heating switch should be turned off first, and the transmission motor should be turned off after running for a period of time to dissipate heat, otherwise the service life of the machine will be shortened due to heat concentration.
In fact, the operation of the machine is very simple, just follow the instructions. However, in the operation process, the operation precautions must be strictly observed, and the method may be dangerous.

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