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What Temperature Is Required for Shrink Wrap?

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What temperature is required for shrink wrap? The shrink temperature range is approximately 121 to 176 degrees Celsius. Because the shrink film melts at around 121 degrees Celsius and burns at 176 degrees Celsius.
However, for different types of packaging films and packaging films of different thicknesses, their shrinkage temperatures are different, such as the most commonly used POF film.
 shrink wrap
POF film is a heat shrinkable film with good toughness, heat sealing performance, high shrinkage rate, etc. And non-toxic and environmentally friendly, high transparency, high gloss, tear resistance, mainly used for packaging regular and irregular shaped products. It has uniform heat shrinkage and is suitable for automatic high-speed packaging. It is an alternative to traditional PVC heat shrinkable film.
The thickness of the POF heat shrinkable film determines the shrinkage temperature and effect. Under normal circumstances, 1.5 silk is between 140-150 degrees Celsius. Thicker films require higher shrinkage temperatures. It is reasonable to say that the higher the temperature of the shrinking machine, the better the shrinking effect, provided that the film will not be damaged, and the speed is proportional to the temperature. The faster the speed, the higher the temperature. This should be based on the actual operation. and speed to achieve better results.
Generally speaking, the main properties of POF heat shrinkable films include heat shrinkage rate, shrinkage temperature and heat sealing performance. Most heat shrinkable packaging is first sealed and cut by a sealing and cutting machine and then heated and shrunk by a heat shrinkable film packaging machine. When shrinking, the film and the seal are subject to a certain tensile force, so the film is required to have sufficient tensile strength and heat-sealing strength.
In order to achieve a better shrinkage effect, it is necessary to test a little bit in the actual operation of the shrink wrapping machine, and gradually adjust the temperature to the best. The POF shrinking process is completed at one time, so it is suggested that the speed should be relatively fast and the temperature should be set relatively high, so that the shrinking effect will be better.

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