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What Is The Purpose of Shrink Wrap?

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What is the purpose of shrink wrap?
①The body is transparent, which better reflects the image of the product.
②The product is tightly bundled, and the anti-scattering property is good.
③Rainproof, moistureproof and mildew proof.
④No recovery, there is a certain anti-counterfeiting function.
 shrink wrapping bottles
What are the materials of shrink wrap?
Commonly used packaging films include PE shrink film, POF shrink film, OPS shrink film, PET shrink film, etc.
1.  PE shrink film is widely used in the whole package packaging of wine, cans, mineral water, various beverages, cloth and other products. The product has good flexibility, strong impact resistance and tear resistance, and is not easy to break. , Not afraid of the tide, the shrinkage rate is large.
2. POF has the characteristics of high surface gloss, good toughness, high tear strength, uniform heat shrink and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging. It is a replacement product of traditional PVC heat shrink film.
3. OPS (shrink film) is a new type of skin packaging material that meets environmental protection requirements. OPS shrink film has high strength, high rigidity, stable shape, and good gloss and transparency. It is easy to process, easy to color, has good printing performance, and has a very high printing resolution. For trademarks that are constantly pursuing exquisite printing, it is completely a material improvement.
4. PET shrink film is a new type of heat shrinkable packaging material. Because it has the characteristics of easy recycling, non-toxic, odorless, good mechanical properties, especially in line with environmental protection, etc. In developed countries, polyester (PET) has become an ideal substitute for replacing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) shrink films.

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