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Shrink Wrap Machine Work Instructions

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The shrink wrap machine is a very widely used packaging machine, in order to use the machine better, please read the shrink wrap machine work instructions before operation.
 shrink wrap machine
Step 1. Read the manual carefully: Before you use the machine, be sure to read the manual carefully and operate it according to the machine's operation guide.
Step 2. Connect to the power supply: The operator should carefully check the power cord (input power AC220V) connected to the machine and whether it is properly grounded.
Step 3. Turn on the switch: Turn on the conveying switch, and operate the adjusting speed knob to the medium and slow speed.
Step 4. Temperature setting: first adjust the temperature of the machine to 130℃-140℃, and turn on the heating switch to start the machine heating.
Step 5. Turn off the hot air switch: After the hot air switch is turned on, the circulating air starts to work, and after the heat shrinking machine reaches the set temperature, shrink film packaging is performed.
Step 6. If there are wrinkles: When the shrinkage is completed, if there are many wrinkles, try to increase the temperature and slow down the speed. In short, it is necessary to adjust the temperature and speed according to the actual situation such as the size of the item and the packaging material to achieve the perfect shrinkage effect.
Step 7. Prevent scalding and electric shock: When the shrink wrapping machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to put your hands inside the machine. It must be kept in mind that the operation must be standardized.
Step 8. If the machine is working abnormally, please stop it immediately for inspection; after all faults are eliminated, you can continue to use it. If the fault has not been eliminated, the staff should report it to the superior, and make a reminder that the use is prohibited.
Step 9. Operation sequence at the end: After the work is completed, turn off the three sets of heating switches, let the fan and conveying motor continue to run for about 10 minutes, and then cut off the power. This can effectively protect the service life of the motor.
Step 10. Daily maintenance: After daily use, the countertop should be cleaned. And carry out the daily maintenance of the equipment according to the "equipment management system". In order to make the service life of the machine longer.
If you encounter any problems during use, please contact us in time. (Email: sales@longerinc.com )

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