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Customized Talcum Powder Filling Machine Solution

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Automatic talcum powder filling machine is suitable for automatic weighing filling cappingand labeling of various fluidic or low-fluidity powder materials like talcum powder, fruit powder, milk powder, coffee powder, medicine powder, chemical powder, meal replacement powder, etc. Autopackm.com can provide customized talcum powder filling solutions including bottle , powder weighing filling, capping and labeling, etc.
talcum powder filling machine for sale
Description Of Main Powder Process:
①Bottle Unscrambler → ② Automatic Powder Weighting And Filling Machine → ③Automatic Capping Machine → ④Automatic Labeling Machine
This machine is with mixing function,can mix powder well,help to reduce production process. The filling speed is adjustable.It is with dust-proof function,ensure the cleanliness of production. High quality conveyor belt can transfer bottles automatically,it is designed with protective guard which can make products will be transferred stably.
powder bottle filling machine
Main advantages of Powder Filling Machine:
★ The bottle powder filling machine adopts servo motor drive s piral, designed with advantages of high weighing precision, not easy to wear, and stable performance, etc.
★ Use advanced PLC control system, color touch screen display.
★ For multiple dust material, discharging mouth can be installed dust collection device
★ Machine body and all parts contact  product are made by stainless steel, full compliance with GMP standard.

This talcum powder filling machine is a complete and economical solution to your filling production line requirements,can measuring and filling powder and granular. It consists of the filling Head, an independent motorized chain conveyor and a pneumatic positioning system. The PLC control method makes it easy to operate,the high speed working efficiency is ideal for medium or large scale production.It can work with the automatic capping machine and labeling machine to form a complete production line and realize high speed packaging work.


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