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Automatic Books Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine Chinese Supplier

  • Material:Books, boxes, cartons
  • Capacity:Can be adjusted according to requirement.
  • Phone/WhatsApp +8618537181190
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Books shrink wrapping machine is one of the most advanced packaging methods on the international market. It used shrink film wrapped in the product outside, and then heated so that the packaging film shrinkage and tightly bound products, Increase the appearance and value, While sealing, moisture, pollution prevention effect. The machine can be used to pack books, notebook, boxes, etc
shrink wrap packing machine for books

Shrink film wrap machine for books produces a certain tension, you can put a group of items to be wrapped tightly, play the role of rope tied, especially for the collection of multiple items and pallet packaging, so this shrink packaging machine is widely used in Food, beverages, medicine, cosmetic, wood products, stationery, etc. or combination packaging.
shrink wrapping machine for book
The automatic book shrink wrapping machine can be customized according to customer needs. A brand-new vegetable heat shrinking packaging machine with intelligent and automatic functions. Cover the utensils with plastic wrap, and do not fill them to avoid touching food, especially vegetables, fruits, and fresh food. 

Technical Data
Model LG-6040
Transmission bandwidth 565mm
Shrinkage furnace long 1500/1800mm
The furnace chamber size 600*400mm
Entrance length 200mm
Exports length 800mm
Voltage and power 380V 22kw
Machine size 2500/2800×840×1375mm
weight 270Kg/300Kg


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