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Automatic Jam Filling Sealing Machine|Jelly Sealing Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-04-29 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
Automatic cup filling and sealing machine is mainly used for filling and sealing liquid, paste, granules, mixed materials and other materials. Filling and sealing of cups, bowls, boxes, barrels and special shape container, container material is plastic.The full automatic jelly cup filling sealing machine can work automaticlly including the process of container dropping, sterilizing by ultraviolet radiation, filling, auto coding, 1st heat sealing, photoelectric pattem profreading, 2nd heat sealing, film trimming and auto discharge. The  automatic jelly cup filling sealing machine is suitable for the filling and sealing of jelly, pudding, juice, cupped water, meat, dairy, tofu, cupped noodles,bean curd, snacks, various of prepared foods ready for heating microwaves, seasoned frozen food, pickled food and etc.
jam filling and sealing machine
Feature of the packing machine:
1.Adopts PLC control and touch screen with eight language display, intelligent operating unit and all functional display, so it's easy to operate.
2.With innovative continuous plane heat-pressure sealing and 2-step sealing,  it ensures the sealing stability.
3.The machine is equipped with automatic adjusting film sealing position with photo electric sensor feedback correction.
4.We can fit in printer for print data according to customers' needs. Stainless steel construction permits a wide range of products to be filled. The packers are constructed with food grade stainless steel contact parts and seals to permit the filling of food products.
5.It can fill many kinds of shapes, like roundest, peach, panda, heart vs heart, butterfly, etc. We can also design any new model according to clients' requirements.

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