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Liquid Sachet Filling Machine South Africa

Editor:Ella, time:2016-09-28 Email: [email protected]
South African customers in our company bought a Liquid Filling Machine for filling honey, require three sides sealing. of course, we also have four sides sealing, back closure. Packing speed can be adjusted to 40-80 bags / min. Bag dimensions L: 40-140mm, W: 20-140mm. Shipped to ports in South Africa Cape town, because near the port from the client, when we shipped the machine has been installed and debugged, customers can work directly.
Liquid filling machine features
Microcomputer controlled by a sensor signal processing by the microcomputer and settings to complete the whole the synchronization, bags long, positioning the cursor automatically detect and automatic fault diagnosis and display on screen.
Set bag making, filling, counting, feeding a series of moves are done automatically.
Adapted to the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical (such as: iced tea, jelly, milk, tea, shampoo) and other packaging materials.
Polyester / polyethylene, nylon composite film, enhanced composite films, BOPP, and other heat-sealable packaging material.

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