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Maintenance For Pillow Type Packing Machinery

Editor:Katherine time:2016-09-28 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
pillow type packing machine
Pillow type packing machine is a packaging capacity is very strong, and can fit a variety of specifications for food and non-food packaging continuous packaging machine. It not only can be used in unbranded packaging materials packaging, but also be able to use pre-printed with the logo of the web of material for high-speed packaging.

Whatever the machinery and equipment, no matter how much the price of the device, during use, more or less will be some failures. In normal times, the staff of packaging machine for routine maintenance and careful maintenance, but also to reduce the risk of failure. If there is a failure to timely repair, maintenance, and can reduce the probability of failure in the future. Here we are concerned that when Pillow food packaging machine fails, how should we respond to treatment.
This time to speed up the speed of the packaging machine, or the temperature is lowered, and the replacement of the material of the film, will solve the problem: First, traces of burnt wrinkled when sealed.
Second, the cut will be cut when the product: this time should color packaging machine packaging film is aligned fixed color punctuation, or adjust the feed conveyor parts front and rear positions, and let the sealing knife center in the middle of the product height .
Third, cutting positional deviation color: this time we should refer to the instructions to adjust the sensitivity of the pillow packaging machine, while the tracking mode is switched to 'tracking cut'.

First, the temperature is too high, too slow, poor heat resistance when the outer envelope and sealing the focus will be wrinkled traces repair method is to adjust quickly, reduce temperature, replace film material.
Second, the knife is too high or too low, too fast packing, the push rod is not synchronized with the cutter, the cutter will cut the product repair method is to reduce the packaging speed, adjust the level of the end seal member, so that the sealing knife in the center product height intermediate position.
Fifth, too fast, the inner envelope sealing is poor, the temperature is too low, seal leakage occurs or not securely sealed, maintenance method is to slow down, raised temperature, replace the material of the film.
Six, not pressure, cylinder pendulum loose, low temperature heating, hot rollers and drive rollers are not parallel there will be bad sealing, repair method is to adjust the parallelism, adjust the temperature and pressure to make it tight.
It says only three food packaging machine for Pillow fault occurs when using a small part, though they are a small problem, but if not handled properly packaging machine will cause more damage, so the matter make the best use of time, we must pay attention to the packaging machine repair and maintenance.


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