L Type Sealing Cutting Shrink Wrapping Machine LGQL-5545

Editor:Katherine time:2016-06-06 Email: sales@longerinc.com

A good packaging not only helps to attract customers, also have the effect of the protection for products, keeping our products more durable. Especially in the process of product transportation and storage, packing of the products has played a very big effect. Today, the market has emerged a lot of advanced technology for product packaging. Automatic L sealing and cutting machine is fully automatic, which was carried shrinking, sealing, and cutting for products. This machine costs least amount of time to finish the packing of the products as much as possible, whole process labor-saving.
L Type Sealing Cutting Shrink Wrapping Machine because the same power consumption is large, so the input power supply must be greater than the nominal power of contraction on the nameplate, or easy to burn line or electrical components.