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Video of Automatic Bag Instant Noodles Packaging Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-03-28 Email: isle@cankeytech.com

This is video of automatic instant noodles packaging machine, which is a kind of flow wrapping machine, perfectly used to pack instant noodles(bag type), biscuit, cookies, cakes, sweets, bread, ice cream, chocolate, pallets with food, sausages, snack foods, donkey-hide gelatin, meat muffins, pastries, dried longan, etc.
The main features of Automatic Instant Noodles Packaging Machine:
1, Dual inverter control, bag length that is set to cut, no need to adjust the empty walk, step in place, save time and film.
2, The parameter setting convenient and quick.
3, Self-diagnosis function, applause show at a glance.
4, High sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, digital input sealing and cutting position, so that the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
5, The temperature independent PID control, better adapt to a variety of packaging materials.
6, Positioning stop function, non-stick knife, do not waste capsule.
7, The drive system is simple, more reliable, more convenient maintenance.
Size selection:
Paper roll size:
Paper roll diameter × roll width Φ320 × 260㎜ Paper roll hole Φ75mm
Packaging length = product length + (product height x 1.2) + 26 mm
The above formula is for reference only, the actual required length of the packaging must still be the actual test package to decide.
Wrapping paper width
Packaging paper width = 2 × (product width + product height) + 30 mm

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