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Table Fastfood Salt Sachet Packaging Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-06-20 Email: isle@cankeytech.com
Table Fastfood Salt Sachet Packaging Machine is a kind of powder sachet packaging machine, which can be used to pack salt, sugar, pepper, etc into small sachet. The finished sachets can be sold to supermarket, hotels, restaurant, etc.
salt sachet packing machine
Autopackm.com offer two models of salt sachet packaging machine LG-280 and LG-350. Both with stainless steel design, and the finished product is a three-sided or four-sided sealed, with adjustable film width to finish different sizes of packaging.
1, Chinese and English touch screen display, intuitive operation, simple.
2, PLC computer control system, run more stable, can be adjusted without any parameters.
3. Stepper motor drive design reasonable, reliable, stable performance
4. Can store ten parameters, replace the species more accurate.
5. Using dual servo motor control, pull film more accurate, fast, high precision, lower noise, low failure rate
6. Independent temperature control system, the accuracy of up to ± 1 ℃ degrees.
7. Horizontal, vertical sealing temperature independent control, can be applied to a variety of composite film, PE film and other packaging materials.
8. Packaging style diversification, back seal, angle, with bags, punching and so on.
9. Production bag, sealing, packaging, printing date one-time completion of the work environment clean, low noise
10. Automatic from the measurement, filling bag, date printing to the product output one-time completion

Model LG-280 LG-350
Bag Size Making L: 30-150mm
W: 20-140mm
L: 50-320mm
W: 30-150mm
Thickness of Packing Film 0.03-0.07mm 0.04-0.08mm
Diameter of Rolling Paper =<400 =<400
Packing Speed 40-65 Bags/min 30-60 Bags/min
Power 1.8KW/220V 2.5KW/220V
Measure Range 1-120ML 10-200g
Weight 380kg 480kg
Dimensions 720x980x1680


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