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What Machine For Packing Nuts Bar?

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What Machine For Packing Nuts Bar? Most commonly, people use pillow type packing machine. Pillow packing machine is with different packaging capacities, and can fit a variety of specifications for food and non-food packaging continuous packaging machine. It not only can be used in unbranded packaging materials packaging, but also be able to use pre-printed with the logo of the web of material for high-speed packaging. In the packaging production, due to errors, and stretch packaging material factors such as mechanical transmission between the printing position on the packaging material color, the packaging material of predetermined sealing and cutting parts may deviate from the correct position, and an error occurs. In order to eliminate errors and achieve the correct sealing and cutting purposes, the packaging must be designed to automatically locate and solve this problem are mostly the continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system designed according to the positioning standard packaging materials. The continuous optical positioning error compensation system according to work is divided into a retractable brake and two-synchronous transmission.nut bar packing machine
The main features of LONGER pillow type packing machine:
1 Double frequency conversion control, bag length can be adjusted.
2 Digital screens, NC adjustment, convenient and flexible operation
3 PLC control, more stable performance, scalable.
4 Sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, digital input cut position which makes the cutting position more accurate.
5 PID independent dual temperature control instrumentation, suitable for various packing materials.
6 Self failure diagnosis, clear failure display, Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film.
7 Double encoder more stable performance.
8 Knife strengthening of sealing more tightly.
9 Can be connected to the inflatable device, wider performance.
10 Can be equipped with a code system, packing more credible
11 Selectable automatic food line, completely automated.
12 Can be equipped with anti-material cutting apparatus, security will be guaranteed.
13 A multi-purpose function, may be suitable for the same type of products to diversify packaging.

After sales service terms about LONGER Nut Bar Packing Machine:
Equipment sold after the customer receives the equipment, our company will arrange for service personnel free onsite installation, commissioning, training and operation of the device, until the normal operation of equipment and skilled personnel before leaving the operation;
Since the device in the customer's plant within one month after commissioning the installation is complete, in the case of normal use of the device, if the machine has quality problems, customers can choose a replacement or repair. When clients want a replacement, I will be the Secretary for customers to exchange the same model with the specifications of the equipment; equipment of the same model specifications to stop production, the exchange will not be lower than the original product performance products.
Since the equipment in the customer's plant installation and commissioning completed within one year, in the case of normal use of the device, if the machine has quality problems, our company provides one year of free service

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