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Flour Grinding Filling and Sealing Machine

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Flour grinding machine: This machine can mill the mill the maize, rice husk, jowar, straw, peanut straw,bean straw,seasoning into powder shape, with size of 0.4mm.The machinery is used to grind dry brittle materials, such as spice, seasoning, pepper, chili, aniseed, ginger, garlic, coffee beans, cocoa beans, herb or medicine, tea leaves, grains,wheat, corn,rice, soybean, green beans, red beans, feed, tobacco, tea leaf,  chemical materials ,dry vegetables, dry fruits, and so on.It is widely used in food, feed, chemical, medical or pharmaceutical, refractory, non-metallic, abrasive, metallurgy, construction materials and agricultural industries.
grinding machine
This machine use the relative movement of tooth plate and fixed tooth to crush the raw material by the impact, friction and raw material impact between each other,, This machine with simple structure, strong solid, smooth operation, crushing effect is good, the crushed material can directly by the host the reduction in grinding cavity, degree of grain size can be obtained by changing different aperture of mesh.
Easy to change the screen,we can provide different size range screen from 0.4mm to 10mm.
flour grinding machine

Flour Filling and Sealing Machine:Automatic feeding and stop,Plus hopper with vibration motor, so that the material automatically enters spiral.Vibration screw feeder can enhance a variety of powder materials, bins and auger are made of stainless steel; This multi-purpose flour filling and sealng machine can be used tor filling and packing different kinds of flour, like cassava flour,potato powder,corn or maize flour,chilli powder,pepper powder,etc. Packing speed 20-35bags/min,powder 1.2kw,size 750×600×1850mm.

LONGER machinery offers flour grinding and filling sealing machine one stop shop. About after sale service,
Ⅰ.Delivery time: 7 working days after receiving 40% of the whole payment.
Ⅱ.Payment term: 40% as prepayment by T/T, after seen the copy of the 
B/L sent by fax ,the balance of 60% should be effected . 
III. Valid time: This quotation is valid for seven days. 
IV .Quality Guarantee Terms: Quality guarantee term is for one year. Malfunctions which are caused by machine-self and quality will be responsible for our manufacturer. Other malfunctions which are caused by operation mistakes, man-made problems, etc will be responsible for clients-self.


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