Over Wrapping Cellophane Machine For Business Card

Editor:Katherine time:2017-08-18 Email: sales@longerinc.com
Over wrapping cellophane machine is a universal equipment for overwrappping machine which can wrap the middle-size product which is square or rectangle shape. It is an ideal box type overwrapping machine.
overwrapping cellophane machine
Product description: This over wrapping cellophane machine for business card is mainly suitable for bulk poker, biscuits, Caramel Treats, post, pad of paper, wafer and bulk or a plurality of objects set of 3D packaging. 
1. Compact and reasonable structure, stable and advanced performance, simple and convenient operation and maintenance;
2. Using the multi-function digital converter, stepless speed change; 
3. Easy to change die 
4. Flexible; with automatic feeding, automatic counting, photoelectric tracking; 
5. Transmission part is provided with a protection device and fault prompt;
6. No film without article, Do not waste packaging materials.