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Automatic Nuts Packaging Machine|Snacks Pouch Filling Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2017-08-24 Email: [email protected]
nuts packaging machine
Automatic nuts pacakging machine|snacks pouch filling machine is mainly used for packing grain products such as sugar, salt, coffee, monosodium glutamate, spices, beans, peanuts, melon seeds, grains, nuts, cereals, tea, herbs, washing powder, desiccant, etc. 
1, The packaging machine can automatically complete the following work: measuring cup - Printing code (optional) - bag making - filling - sealing - counting.
2, Computer/PLC control system, photoelectric tracking, high reliability and high intellectualized degree.
3, Set the fault display system, easy operation and maintenance.
4, Perforated knife can be tailor-made according to customer needs: round hole/butterfly hole, and even the linking package  device.
5, The machine shell parts and contact material is made by stainless steel material.
Model: LGC-320. Packing Speed: 40-60Bags/min. Total Power 3.0KW/220V
Bag Size: L: 50-150mm   W: 40-150mm. Thickness of Film: 0.03-0.08mm. Dia. of Rolling Paper <=450
Measure Range 5-100piece, 20-100g. Gross Weight 400Kg. Size 750*980*1680mm


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