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Automatic Particle Packing Machine|Granule Packing Machine|Nut Packing Machine

Editor:Katherine time:2019-06-14 Email: [email protected]
Characteristics of the particle packing machine:
1.Intelligent completion of multi-row products can automatically complete bag making, metering, filling, filling, counting, sealing, coding, feeding, stopping a certain amount, fixed bag cutting, same cutting and other actions
2.The advanced humanized touch screen control interface makes the operation parameters and simple and quick parameter settings adjust the packaging parameters. Visual display of production information is safe and easy to use and easy to maintain.
3.High packaging accuracy and easy to clean.
particle packing machine
4.The advanced servo-controlled horizontally sealed up-and-down film system ensures that the pull bag is more precise.
5.Automatic hob film separation device is not easy to wear, film.
6.High-precision temperature control system, the seal is more sturdy and beautiful.
7.European and American design, open electric box, cleaning and maintenance is more convenient, all-round security door protection, safer to use.


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